Friday, January 11, 2013

Niemeyer part deux


Remember not that long ago on this post I mentioned how my dear friend Jorge was hiding in the bushes trying to get a shot of Niemeyer's private residence? Well he dug them up for me. You can't see much of course which really is just fine but what I do love about these photos is they express a feeling I had the entire time I was in that beautiful city... a feeling like the forest was ready to take back this paradise at any moment. Watch out don't turn your back or you might have a tree growing right through your house. I must get back to this gorgeousness soon.

p.s. Don't forget that Jorge has begun his blog all over again with a new name. Album xyz.

p.p.s. Whoa I'm obviously a little spotty with the blogging and I have to admit that it will most likely be like that for the next two months. And I'll have a big announcement next week. 

photography by Jorge Soares

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