Thursday, December 20, 2012

Workshop Residence: Jim Iserman


I was first introduced to Jim Iserman via L.A. Eyeworks. I was doing a case study for small independent retailers and he had a massive installation in the shop. It struck me as curious that the piece he created of repetitive mass produced shapes were more like architecture than the one off experimental architecture by Neil Denari that housed it.

From that day forward I was a fan as I am of most creatives that learn to cross boundaries with ease and confidence.

Iserman is currently in residence at the Workshop Residence where he is producing a collection of blankets of complex geometries.

Of particular interests are his Cast Stone I-Blocks (Bottom Photo) which can be used to build interior or exterior partition walls. They remind me of such disparate influences such as Frank Lloyd Wright's textile block system, the modern and ubiquitous CMU (concrete masonry unit), the mid-century concrete screens found all over Palm Springs and to a lesser degree Parametre by 3-form and several wall-divider projects by the Bouroullec brothers.

If you live in San Francisco I urge you to go visit if you haven't yet as the line-up of residents is really incredible. And if you don't live in the area I would get on a waiting list for some of these items as they will going on sale soon and when was the last time you could purchase a piece by a major artist for around $100.* Yea, never.

*The utility blankets will be on sale for around $60 to $110


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