Thursday, December 13, 2012

Learning Curve


I've been a pretty awful blogger lately and my only excuse is the Holidays. Every year I go through this instead of enjoying the outings that come with increased frequency I end up stressing over every single one. The ones I do attend as well as the ones I have to say no to. How do you get through? I don't think I'm a naturally social creature. This particular TED talk really spoke to me. I'm not shy mind you but I do find extended periods of time amongst others to be very draining.

One of the pleasures I have had over the past few months is having my best and dearest friend Jorge in town from Rio de Janeiro. You know when you meet someone that just connect with on every level and you want to spend as much time as you can with them. He's that type of friend. We can REALLY talk about everything. That is so rare isn't it. It feels pretty great too, to know, you can be yourself.

On one of these outings he mentioned that Oscar Niemeyer had passed. I looked a little cock-eyed and was skeptical as I've heard that a few times already and it wasn't true. He was 104 so I guess it was bound to happen at some point. He then shared a few details with me.

01 That he had been trying to photograph Niemeyer's actual home for me hiding in the bushes off the side of the road. Ha! He really wanted to share his personal residence with me and since you can't visit the interior he thought he would try and get a snippet of the exterior.

02 That Niemeyer went to work every single day.

03 And that Niemeyer fell in love and got married again at age 90. 

The first detail is sweet as it shows our profound love of design that we can always talk about together. The second detail is something I need to work at. I went to Lisa Congdon's class at Makeshift Society last night and one of her rules was to keep regular work hours regardless of the flow of actual work. And I really could work on this. I need to set more boundaries for myself. I of course work every day but I'm not so great at when those begin and end and I need to set better office hours outside of the home office. There is also something really heartwarming that if you are doing something you love you don't retire at 65 you return to it every single day. And the third detail well the idea that life can begin again at 90!!! That love is boundless this is awe inspiring. We all have time so keep moving.

Are you still there? I know it's a long one. But on Jorge's very last day we had dinner at my place and were going through old issues of Domus from my Birthday gift last year and there it was Niemeyer's personal home albeit in 1955 or so but there it was in both our laps.

Jorge has begun his blog again under the name album xyz and his perseverance continues to inspire me every single day.

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