Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Angell Wyller & Aarseth


I've been thinking about cookware and kitchenware for far too many hours than I care to admit. It's one of those things that as a designer I'm constantly disappointed by. Whether those disappointments are from what is fashionable or simply the ability for every celebrity to have their own cookware line even if they don't even cook.

Cooking is not something that came naturally to me. In fact I had an aversion to most foods causing me to lose not gain weight once I left home. This came from a household that saw cooking as a chore (sometimes it can be) instead of one of life's simple pleasures. These opinions changed once I moved to San Francisco and worked as a server in restaurants to pay for my school. A whole new world had been opened to me but like most things I struggle to right my aesthetic sensibilities with items that have already been designed. Sometimes they are designed to only look good and most certainly fail you. Most times they are designed to meet a production dollar amount that can be sold at a reasonable price. And on that rare occasion that object you purchase and bring into your home ideally suits both functions and will last a lifetime.

While I spout these ideals I fully acknowledge that I contradict myself on the regular. Sometimes I think architecture shouldn't be built to last forever and should be more fun! This of course has economic and environmental issues that most would argue but perhaps if we built more smartly and weren't so sentimental they wouldn't be an issue at all. See now, I've just argued for permanent furniture and impermanent architecture but perhaps that makes sense to someone who has moved most of her life. Well, now that I've managed to get completely off topic. Let's talk about these beauties shall we? Unfortunately I've not had the opportunity to tell whether they are simply pretty things or whether they are both beautiful and useful but lets be optimistic, I vote for both.  Anyone know? Designed by Angell Wyller & Aarseth, wow, what a mouthful.


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