Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holing up in Healdsburg

The Mister took me to Healdsburg for my birthday and it really couldn't be more delightful. In fact I think a disappearing act for a couple of days right at the beginning of December is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike my dear friend Celia I don't get excited about the Holidays. It's not that I get all bah humbug but it just stresses me the hell out. So many engagements you can't say no to (I would be perfectly happy with one outing a week and no more) and then there is the fact that nearly everyone in my family is born between the end of November and mid-January. So I think the get out of town route will have to become a family tradition. 

We stayed at H2 which was really quite lovely. It was so well designed (except for a couple stylistic exceptions. That wavy roof?! I don't care if it is green. And the lobby could really use some help furniture and cosy-wise. Sorry this is the designer in me I can't help but pick apart some of the elements.) But really overall quite well done and it's a LEED Gold certified building

My favored spot was our room. Not only was it quite roomy but oh so pared down and modern with huge beautiful bathrooms. I'm pretty sure the tile work was by Heath Ceramics too. Nice detail of the local maps in the bathroom. There was also a little Ace Hotel Palm Springs vibe to them. The clever illustrations in the rooms are by Kathy Aoki and the spoon water sculpture outside is by Ned Khan

Oh and one more thing... it surely doesn't hurt to have a Serious bar downstairs in fact I think it should be mandatory at every hotel we stay at. Spoonbar is perfection. In fact it was a huge reason we stayed at H2 so a big Thanks is in order to an old friend Scott Beatty.

And as usual, I took waaaay to many photos so expect a few more throughout the week. xo K
 H202 H203 H204 H205 H206 H207 H208 H209 H210


Andrea said...

Passed by here earlier this year and fell in love when I saw they had a bunch of Public bikes for guest use parked outside the hotel. Thanks for posting what it looks like inside! If you're a pastry fan, I sure hope you stopped into the bakery downtown for a sticky bun!--they might even be better than Tartine's :)

Kelly said...

Do you remember the name? We are definitely going back. No question.

Celia said...

1. i stayed at H2 the week that it opened two summers ago, and it was lovely.

2. kelly, what's it gonna take to get you on board with the holidays? am i going to have to tell that mister of yours to start playing his christmas music a little LOUDER?

Kelly said...

Don't push me Celia! ;) Seriously playing it louder will only make me retreat more.

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