Monday, July 11, 2011

Maurizio Zucchi


Hellooooo so I did have some lovely time off although I have to say it was a mixed blessing because for a lot of the time I was taking care of myself and staying in bed after a scary visit to the E.R. Not exactly what I had planned I tell ya! But, I am feeling worlds better and really couldn't wait to share this unbelievable home.

I was seriously stunned when I came across these photographs. It was an instant "I have to live here, this is MY home" moment. Move over Maurizio as I'm not sure how you crawled inside my brain and created my dream home all the way over there in Italy.

The abundance of sculptural cactus
Several of the light fixtures on my must have list.
Wire sculpture shelving.
Those bent wood chairs. (anyone know who makes those?)
That coffee table and the loads of books covering it.

via Agnes of iiiinspired. She finds the most delightful places and spaces.


HereBeDragons said...

It looks like a horror movie, where the entire house is being taken over by plants!

Kelly said...

Haha.. a little too 'Little shop of Horrors" for you;)

CameraCarioca said...

you're back you're back! missed your good

YHBHS said...

so happy your are feeling better, but also happy you are back:)

agnes szucs said...

:) :) you're so sweet Kelly!

btw, taking some time off Internet is always good... there's so much beauty ouside the box, too.


Doug C said...

This is a great interior. The combination of elements and it's activation by the use of variations of textures and materials is among the best I've seen. Thanks for linking it. The chair is by Tobia Scarpa, model 925.

jamie said...

are you even joking me.

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