Thursday, August 30, 2012

Note Design


A Note on Design? More like a whole damn book. Note Design's portfolio is one of the most envy inducing collections I've seen in a long while coming from one studio. So much so I'm almost rendered speechless. Sometimes you can just look at a studio's work and know that they are truly having a good time doing what they do. 

Above: Tuck Poufs
Below: Kopiad
Bottom: Peep


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

COME IN! les femmes


Listening to DnA the other day I heard about the exhibit COME IN! les femmes happening at the A+D museum in Los Angeles and it's in it's final days. Apologies for the late notice but I just found out myself. Read below for all the details.

Los Angeles, CA (June 4, 2012) – A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles
(A+D Museum) is pleased to announce the third installment of the summer exhibition
series COME IN! Entitled COME IN! les femmes, the exhibition will feature 25 women
designers, hailing from each of the design disciplines, who have been invited to
transform the museum with their brilliant installations. Per usual, all areas of the
museum will be open to invasion and there will be no rules!

COME IN! les femmes will be on view July 12 – September 8, 2012.

I wouldn't miss this line-up. Just take a look at the invitees, serious lady players.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growth Table

I love seeing what designer parents come up with for their kids. This would have been perfect for my sisters and I growing up since we were always drawing, crafting and making.

The Growth Table was created by Iris Anna Regn and Tim Durfee. Here's what they have to say about it....

Growth Table is one of a series of objects and spaces modified from a variety of familiar types to sponsor specific activities for adults as well as children. It creates an instant and intergenerational community united by the simple act of drawing.

Children impulsively and un-selfconsciously indulge in spontaneous mark-making when presented with a place to sit, a rightly-positioned surface, and colorful instruments with which to draw. The Growth Table creates these conditions - but at a range of scales - to also attract older children and adults who share the memory of countless hours of childhood art-making. The structure activates a public outdoor or indoor space by providing a catalyst for spontaneous social behavior that is both exceptional and utterly familiar. When the form of the Table is multiplied or expanded, it creates a community scaled art-parklett, or transforms a public interior into a literal “drawing room.”

What I also love about it is I have so many dear friends who have had babes and those who are having babes now. The issue is often how do we still see each other after this massive life shift. All of our activities we used to engage in aren't as easy to plan for but having a place where adults can enjoy hanging out and kids can do their thing,THAT is something I can get behind. Besides I know I would be the first one at the drawing table anyhow.

GT02 GT03

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thomas Feichtner: Mayas Bed


Can you imagine crawling into this baby and saying hello to the Sandman? Wow! Perhaps in your typical bedroom it's not the right fit but in a large drafty loft or some extraordinary space,  absolutely.

I could also see it as large sculptural sofa. I'd gladly take my laptop and hang out there all day instead of sitting at a desk.

Thomas Feichtner created this piece along with a few others as a cultural initiative and a play on the hotel room for Pixel Hotel but his portfolio of work is quite interesting and more than worth a look see. Head on over. 

And below is one of his tasty little chairs, the  M3 chair to be exact. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Muller Van Severen


While I am undeniably drawn to Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen's furniture collection I'm even more drawn to the fact that they aren't furniture designers. A photographer and an artist respectively they focused on creating a line that spoke to logistical connections within a very limited palette of materials. Here are a few words they had to say on the subject.

“We are not looking for the next ‘big find’. The furniture exists because of a logical necessity. A table with a table-leg turning into a cantilever lamp, an open cabinet where one of the shelves becomes a table, or a series of lamps that are no more than a socket, a cover and a cord. The surprise comes from the combination of colours, materials, functions and – especially – the commonness. We boldly choose for open racks by which the daily life – by means of a personal collection of dishes – can be told. We make lamps with the cord as the centre of attention, and tables where the tabletop is a cutting board.”

Muller Van Severen is currently being exhibited in Belgium.

MVS02 MVS03 MVS04 MVS05 MVS06 All photography via Muller Van Severen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



I came across these cuties named of all things, Sticks. A funny name but filled with whimsey all the same. I'm always on the lookout for new storage ideas and I have even drawn up something very similar to these micro-cabinets. They would be great in any awkward hallway or entrance way especially when modern homes have so few storage capabilities. I often wish I could turn my unused bath into a closet since I rarely use it. Hmmm... perhaps there's an idea there.

Sticks are designed and produced by Dutch designer Gerard De Hoop. Take a closer look.
ST02 ST03 All photography from Gerard De Hoop

Monday, August 20, 2012

GAGC// Issue 2


It was oh so nice to receive Issue 02 of GAGC in the mail today. Especially since I had an opportunity to contribute to it in such a personal way. Darling 'Rose of New York' Meg and 'California Poppy' Andrea asked me to illustrate their portraits. How could you refuse such an offer from a mag that always puts ladies first. Thanks Gals. xo K

Get your copy over here. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Count of Cocktails

Celia and I have another cocktail up for The Perfect Drink Series on Life According to Celia. Head over for the full rundown.

Exoskeleton twins?

TW01 TW02

There must be a theory to explain how and why we are drawn to objects/places/people that have a similar aesthetic language over and over again. This happens to me unconsciously more times than I can count. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Two Drawer Widdicomb Box, 1950's
Erin Moore's Watershed

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lukas Peet


Well, Hello Lukas. So very nice to meet your work.

The Rudi series above can be found at Roll & Hill.

The Hanging Clock below is still looking for a manufacturer but is being released in limited production.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Placewares in Gualala

PW01 PW02I took a day trip north to Sea Ranch for the day on Tuesday to see one of my old professors just finished houses. A dream house if I've ever seen one AND I can't share it with you (I know, I know) as they want to submit it to a few high-brow fancy architecture magazines and I think they have a pretty good chance of getting in so I'll be keeping hush hush for now.

But while I was in this magical place sharing the day with my professor I learned about a little design shop  just north of Sea Ranch in Gualala. A little shop called Placewares with a BIG history. It was unfortunately closed so I could only peek in the windows but I did a little research and it turns out an old friend Andrew Wagner did a little interview with Maynard and Lu Lyndon in Dwell a few years back. So I'll be sending you over there to read it. But it makes me so happy to know this magical little enclave has a little design shop just around the bend. Literally around the bend this is US1 afterall.

All photography by Todd Hido via Dwell

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NYC Carriage House


One day seems to be nuttier than the next lately which is why today I will be a bit lazy (lazy because it's awfully easy to pull a beauty from Arch Record) today and share this lovely Arch Record house of the month. The Carriage house is owned by photographer Jan Staller and designed by Christoff:Finio Architecture. Can you imagine living in this beauty? I sure could use an "Urban Garage" my poor bicycle just sits in the front room blocking our entry as there is really no where to store it. (I really need to figure that out!) In fact I think an urban garage should become a new and standard room in all new construction. In addition that rear facade is really pulling me in. Slate is not a material I tend to gravitate towards as it is a standard that is used far too often like a song on that radio they play over and over again but here the proportion and integration are really stellar. AND this place is a rental. Hot Damn, talk about a lovely landlord.

Speaking of simple clean and modern this brings me to another subject have any of you used Airbnb. We were looking into it for a trip to NYC in the fall for a friends wedding (we looked in to it for a trip to see Grams in Florida but there were no comfortable/clean/modern options) but so far my assessment is not too rosy. Think about your flakiest friends, then think of those friends renting out their space to you. We have received nearly no responses from the renters.  Sometimes they have responded and then say... "we'll check our calenders" and NEVER get back to us. Umm, hello people we need to make plans! Also fix your calenders! If you aren't available then don't leave it up there. And we've spent sooo much time searching and writing lovely letters to them and nothing. Have you had better luck? A similar experience?

CH02 CH03 CH04 Photography by Jan Staller (and owner) via Arch Record House of the Month 
Architects:  Christoff:Finio

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Makers: Women Who Shape America

Have you seen the Makers series by PBS? Incredible really. I've included a couple of my favorites. Women in architecture of course because they really speak to an experience that resonates with me. Sometimes it's just nice to hear that others have had the same struggles especially when other female architects/designers are few and far between in your day to day existence. Of course there are so many many women they have filmed who are just as awe-inspiring. Have a look.

Oh and I originally found the videos first though Public Interest Design a site I will be returning to.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naomi Paul Gives Good Light


Naomi Paul states...

...Inspired by traditional craft techniques and the emotional attachment we all hold to materials, Naomi explores the possibilities of knit and crochet for interior application both for the home and commercial settings. (read more here)

While that might be true for some I'm not the sentimental type. I'm not so much interested in these pieces because they are crocheted but more in what she's done with a medium most would find dowdy and outdated. Granted this isn't new we've seen the reinvention of traditional crafts in a big way over the past few years (which I do love especially for it's tactility, which might be closer to what she was getting at.) but what matters is these feel new and fresh and at the same time classic. 

I had an instant emotional connection to them and immediately pictured them in large groups of monotone colors. Ten different shades of blue or pink or yellow would be an incredible way to create instant "wow" factor in any room. Check out more of her work. Here.
NP02 all photography via Naomi Paul

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