Friday, November 16, 2012

Tip Ton


I recently brought in to the office one of my street finds a vintage Eames Aluminum group side chair but it's a bit too low for the desk. I'm trying to shy away from a big fancy (and expensive) desk chair and came across the Tip Ton. Have any of you used it?

It seems to make perfect sense and being a gal it's true I statistically sit on the first few inches of my chair. Has anyone sat in it for a full day? How did it fair? One thing I do know is I'd have an awfully difficult time deciding between green or yellow.

TT02 TT03


silvia said...

I took a body conscious class while I was at Cal with Galen Cranz. She writes in her book that most chairs are designed for the average height of a man which is why women are more prone to developing varicose veins. The Tip Ton chair looks great though. I wouldn't mind sitting on one of those. Incidentally, sitting on hard a surface is actually better for your posture too. :)

Simone said...

Didn't IKEA have a chair just like that in it's 2010 PS collection? In black from a sort of recycled plastic mix. It was discontinued and now Vitra has something just like it. I sit on a stool (so no back) with wheels, very happy with that solution, I can just fly through the room with one push. I've been told that when you have no backrest, that's better for your back because it has to support itself.
Have a wonderful day!!!

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