Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mondocane: A visit


I almost forgot to share with you my visit to Mondocane in NYC in late September. I have to admit the photos aren't my best work and I was debating whether I should share them at all but there were some great details that Patrick shared with me that I really wanted to share with you all. Obviously if you find yourself in NYC put Mondocane on your must see list and stop in and say hi.

MC02 MC04

Aren't those walnut hands gorgeous. Would you believe they are for stirring up bubbles for your bath? True Story. And having a peek at the Auböck collection. Impressive.


A few shots of Mondocane's incredible children's chair collection above and below. I've never seen so many in one place and I had no idea so many icons came in mini-versions.

MC06 MC07 MC08

The stair, the floor and the rear windows (not pictured) were my favorite details of the space. Elegant and unexpected after all you are there to see what's in the space not necessarily the space itself and most wouldn't spend the time and effort on such details.

The floor itself is a steel puzzle piece construction with a lovely patina from wear and tear chosen by architect, William Massie. In fact he designed the entire gallery which explains a lot really.


And a little Ro/Lu to finish us off.


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