Monday, October 22, 2012

The Glass House


Whoops... So I thought I had this Scheduled for Friday and I was so busy that I didn't realize that it never posted until late Sunday. So forgive me but it just made so much more sense to wait and then just post it Monday morning.

Well, here is the the beauty I promised. On approach you can see the Donald Judd sculpture (above) that stopped us all in our tracks. Walking down the path there were several reveals that happen. First it's the low lying branches of the trees then it's the stone wall that slithers through the property guiding you from one building to the next then the Judd sculpture to distract you a bit longer and finally the house.

I don't think that it really needs much description so I'll let it speak for itself except for a few small comments. They were of course some fun stories of the neighbors complaining of having to see the man of the house naked. Ha! Why were the looking?

GH02 GH04

The Barcelona Couch or daybed wasn't actually originally created for the Barcelona Pavilion. Mies van der Rohe designed it a year later. Philip Johnson originally purchased it for his New York apartment then transferred it to the glass house.
 GH05 GH06

I am going to question this material choice though... leather tiles on the ceiling of the bathroom? Gorgeous but a little impractical. I can imagine they began to immediately peel away. Perhaps he took military 5 min showers?

GH07 GH08

How do you hang art with no walls? You design a stand of course. I thought this small detail was incredibly elegant.

GH09 GH10 GH11

Apparently Philip Johnson and David Whitney would sit in these chairs and direct which branches on which trees to trim so that the view of the pavllion and tower below remained visible and so the right amount of light could shine through. I'm not sure if I'm imagining this detail but I believe with walkie-talkies and martinis. Either way it's a funny image to envision, no?

I couldn't resist the patina on the Schultz petal table. In fact I think this should be a new finish that is offered. What do you say Knoll? Any way to speed up the growth of lichen?

GH12 GH13 Alright, C'est fini kids. Back to regular posting and hopefully a couple more posts on the Personal Furniture Series.

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