Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Glass House: The Study


Ahh, here we are in all the postmodern glory no? Philip Johnson's study or library. This was actually one of the most intriguing spaces on the lot as I tend to gravitate towards a persons bookcase first. It tells you so much about the person. PJ's library was vast in it's subjects from the ancient world up through the most au-courant up and comers. I of course loved that large swath of Le Corbusier's tomes and would have loved to plop on the floor and leaf through them.

The chairs are designed by Gehry. I think they are actually prototypes but don't quote me on that. The carpet was designed by Robert Venturi. Both Venturi and Gehry were involved with the inspiration of the ghost house the only structure visible from the study as well. You can see it there in the right hand corner above and below from the view behind the desk.

The shape of the ghost house an ode to the Venturi residence and the material a harkening to Gehry's Santa Monica residence.



Lil said...

That fireplace! Awesome...

Kelly said...

Agreed... next studio/study must have a fireplace!

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