Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Glass House: Bridge to the Galleries


Tomorrow I promise you will get the actual Glass House but today we are bypassing it via a sweet little bridge that bounces when you walk across it. Love! Everyone should have a bouncing bridge. (above) Can we also just admit that this property and all of it's experimental buildings are an architects dream. I mean really, having the opportunity to experiment with building typologies and new concepts should be mandatory but is rarely financially possible for most architects.

Directly below we have the Painting Gallery. Unfortunately we couldn't enter it because the power had just gone out across the property so you will have to admire it's submergence and exterior material. I didn't know this but most of most of Philip Johnson's collection was donated to the MoMA.

Alright, moving on to the Sculpture Gallery since we can actually see it! I'm a little fuzzy on all the artists of all the sculptures.  (What do they say... the smallest mark is greater than the finest memory? I should have taken notes.) If you do know which is which by all means fill me in.

The one I do remember is the cast in bronze sculpture of a falling tree named for the Percy Shelley poem Ozymandias which you see directly below the entrance. It's located just outside of the Sculpture Gallery.

The glass ceiling was incredible and the overall feeling was very serene in all that white but perhaps that would feel completely different on a sunny day.

Alright tomorrow, tomorrow is the Glass House. These things take time you know. Editing all the photos is kind of maddening.... it takes sooooo long. 

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