Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Personal Furniture: Silvia Song

Our next Personal Furniture guest is Silvia Song. I've had the pleasure of knowing her since our school years as we both attended the same architecture school and coincidentally were the only ones from our school to spend a year studying in Denmark. Most everyone else went into the Italy program instead and no matter how much nudging from certain professors to follow suit we both stood our ground and went to Copenhagen. I'm so thankful we have that connection.

Since then Silvia has worked for various well known firms in Los Angeles and NYC and is now settled in the Bay Area and has been designing and building furniture which she shares with us below.


Design is always a work in progress for me. At times I find that the process is more rewarding than the finished product. Recently I have been working toward designing and building my own furniture inspired by Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazzione. While I love the refined and intricate qualities of Mari's work, I was interested in finding a way to design a piece using off-the-shelf lumber in a "puzzle-like" manner. While I adhered to Mari's method of construction I ventured into designing a piece that is a bit more compact in the way that it came together, like a drawer. After studying the actual dimensions of off-the-shelf lumber I figured out a way to create the sliding drawer component using different size pieces of lumber. It comes to together like a 3D puzzle. The frame and number of drawers can be easily modified. 

SS02 SS03 SS04

Thanks Silvia for contributing. Your dialogue makes this space richer. For anyone who is interested in building the side table there is a step-by-step set of instructions on Design Sponge.

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silvia said...

Thanks for including me in your Personal Furniture series. :)

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