Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Personal Furniture: Maloos Anvarian

I thought it might be time to switch things up over here again and add a few more voices from time to time. I've been talking to a few local designers and seeing what their interest level is in contributing to halcyon days on occasion. There are quite a few professionals that don't personally blog* but their viewpoint and background is insightful and valued not to mention intriguing to those of us in the design professions and those who are fans of design. These are conversations I have on a regular basis in casual meetings and why I enjoy blogging myself as it gives me an excuse to introduce myself and not feel self-conscious about it.  So I thought why not share some of those conversations here on halcyon days.

Our first guest is Maloos Anvarian. I met Maloos while working on a project a couple of years ago. I was instantly drawn to her professionalism and her expert ability to mix up styles of all different styles and eras. This just felt so much more real and relatable than what I had viewed from other interior designer's portfolios. I asked her if she wouldn't mind expounding on a piece of furniture that really meant something to her personally.  This is what she shared with me and thus  you.

Mod Louis Arm Chair

There’s nothing quite like realizing a dream. My dreams have always revolved around design and furniture.

As a little girl in Azerbaijan, I made furniture for my dolls creating special chairs, beds, and lighting for their pleasure. At the E’cole Superior Des Arts Moderns in Paris, my studies required me to design and build furniture that met my professor’s curriculum. Once I began practicing as an ASID (for which she is chapter president) designer, my work shifted to manifesting my client’s desires, which I have always loved as it’s allowed me to create something uniquely personal for those I work with. But as satisfying as that is, it paled in comparison to the moment the first piece I created for my own collection arrived in my showroom. It was my Mod-Louis armchair.

Mixing periods and styles is integral to what I do, whether its bringing together a room or designing a specific piece of furniture or lighting. My goal is to invoke history and infuse it with a bit of wit. Whether it’s an antique piece, like the Mod-Louis that gets updated with the addition of Lucite arms and seating, or my ABU (All Balled Up) chair that echoes a traditional wingback with is wholly contemporary, the goal is to create furniture with a history and to doing with while being green by reusing, repurposing and recycling. As I look forward to what’s ahead, it gives me great pleasure and comfort to know that there are endless opportunities to play with the past and reinterpret it for the future.

Thank-you Maloos for being first in our personal furniture series. More to come... I'm hoping on a weekly basis.  

*Let's be honest here, blogging takes quite a bit of time that a design professional doesn't necessarily have every day which is why I've personally cut myself way back as well. I would rather show quality rather than quantity. 

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