Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NYC Carriage House


One day seems to be nuttier than the next lately which is why today I will be a bit lazy (lazy because it's awfully easy to pull a beauty from Arch Record) today and share this lovely Arch Record house of the month. The Carriage house is owned by photographer Jan Staller and designed by Christoff:Finio Architecture. Can you imagine living in this beauty? I sure could use an "Urban Garage" my poor bicycle just sits in the front room blocking our entry as there is really no where to store it. (I really need to figure that out!) In fact I think an urban garage should become a new and standard room in all new construction. In addition that rear facade is really pulling me in. Slate is not a material I tend to gravitate towards as it is a standard that is used far too often like a song on that radio they play over and over again but here the proportion and integration are really stellar. AND this place is a rental. Hot Damn, talk about a lovely landlord.

Speaking of simple clean and modern this brings me to another subject have any of you used Airbnb. We were looking into it for a trip to NYC in the fall for a friends wedding (we looked in to it for a trip to see Grams in Florida but there were no comfortable/clean/modern options) but so far my assessment is not too rosy. Think about your flakiest friends, then think of those friends renting out their space to you. We have received nearly no responses from the renters.  Sometimes they have responded and then say... "we'll check our calenders" and NEVER get back to us. Umm, hello people we need to make plans! Also fix your calenders! If you aren't available then don't leave it up there. And we've spent sooo much time searching and writing lovely letters to them and nothing. Have you had better luck? A similar experience?

CH02 CH03 CH04 Photography by Jan Staller (and owner) via Arch Record House of the Month 
Architects:  Christoff:Finio


a m o u r e t t e said...

What a place!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm an airbnb host with a decent collection of Wegner, Finn Juhl, Riesom the point where we outfitted a rental property with pretty much only primo pieces - it's a great weekend escape from NYC or Boston, nicely tucked away in the Berkshires, Western Mass.

We've received nice reviews, and also several requests to design lofts and apartments / source furniture (we have gone for many years to auctions in Denmark) etc.

This is a business for us, we're sorta small scale hoteliers with a few houses, and we obsess about the details; our calendar is right up to date, and we get back to you within minutes.

Sorry you've had a bad experience w airbnb; we've used it a lot, and have only had good and professional experiences as both renters and hosts.

Love yr blog, and hope you find a fun place when you need it next time!


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