Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Muller Van Severen


While I am undeniably drawn to Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen's furniture collection I'm even more drawn to the fact that they aren't furniture designers. A photographer and an artist respectively they focused on creating a line that spoke to logistical connections within a very limited palette of materials. Here are a few words they had to say on the subject.

“We are not looking for the next ‘big find’. The furniture exists because of a logical necessity. A table with a table-leg turning into a cantilever lamp, an open cabinet where one of the shelves becomes a table, or a series of lamps that are no more than a socket, a cover and a cord. The surprise comes from the combination of colours, materials, functions and – especially – the commonness. We boldly choose for open racks by which the daily life – by means of a personal collection of dishes – can be told. We make lamps with the cord as the centre of attention, and tables where the tabletop is a cutting board.”

Muller Van Severen is currently being exhibited in Belgium.

MVS02 MVS03 MVS04 MVS05 MVS06 All photography via Muller Van Severen.


Oliver said...

Very nice, especially coming from an artist and photographer. Surprised it wasn't from an architect.

Kelly said...

Ha! Totally Oliver. My thoughts exactly.

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