Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growth Table

I love seeing what designer parents come up with for their kids. This would have been perfect for my sisters and I growing up since we were always drawing, crafting and making.

The Growth Table was created by Iris Anna Regn and Tim Durfee. Here's what they have to say about it....

Growth Table is one of a series of objects and spaces modified from a variety of familiar types to sponsor specific activities for adults as well as children. It creates an instant and intergenerational community united by the simple act of drawing.

Children impulsively and un-selfconsciously indulge in spontaneous mark-making when presented with a place to sit, a rightly-positioned surface, and colorful instruments with which to draw. The Growth Table creates these conditions - but at a range of scales - to also attract older children and adults who share the memory of countless hours of childhood art-making. The structure activates a public outdoor or indoor space by providing a catalyst for spontaneous social behavior that is both exceptional and utterly familiar. When the form of the Table is multiplied or expanded, it creates a community scaled art-parklett, or transforms a public interior into a literal “drawing room.”

What I also love about it is I have so many dear friends who have had babes and those who are having babes now. The issue is often how do we still see each other after this massive life shift. All of our activities we used to engage in aren't as easy to plan for but having a place where adults can enjoy hanging out and kids can do their thing,THAT is something I can get behind. Besides I know I would be the first one at the drawing table anyhow.

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Vivi said...

K. I'm continuously amazed by your curatorial eye for halcyon days. Where do you find these lovely designs? I love this table. Kys Kys V

Kelly said...

Oh, you know a little here a little there. The internets, radio shows, old magazines... sometimes life experiences or work have me researching something and I come upon a great studio;)

Thank-you. xo

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