Monday, July 30, 2012

Around the House: July


It's been awhile since I've posted an around the house. As you can see these photos were taken in the am and it's summer in San Francisco which means our mornings and nights are filled with fog. Cold, brutal, bone chilling fog. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this city and the fog is a perfect dichotomy of this.

Sometimes, I love it and think it's so romantic. Seriously, when you are downtown and you are enveloped in it and walking around with someone who's captured your heart it can be an incredible feeling, like you are walking around in your very own classic film. (also might I add for those who don't know the fog is only cold and bone chilling when it's coming in. Once you are fogged in it acts like a blanket and keeps the cold out.) But most of the summer you just yearn for those summers of hot hot heat, with sunshine galore and the ability to wear a sundress without the fear you will freeze your tits off. Then you think of how Los Angeles is this time of year and how it is all year round.... just sun, sun, sun, in your face and all the time like some coworker who is just so happy all the time and you think... what is the matter with her/him?! Out of fairness I wonder the same about the Eeyore's of the world always down in the dumps. It's the being on one channel that puzzles me. Anyhoo, a little off subject there but I do love having actual weather from time to time instead of endless sunny days.

I am curious how the weather affects you? I personally have a more difficult time getting out of bed on these gray mornings. Especially when I know the rest of the world is experiencing full summer glory. Perhaps you even have some tips? Does anyone use a sun lamp?


Ekta perlor said...

"like some coworker who is just so happy all the time and you think... what is the matter with her/him?!" haha, so funny!

i'm the same. grey days can make me really slow and a bit down. the minute the sun comes out again i feel the energy coming back. it's a huge difference.

this summer has been rainy and cloudy in Stockholm. after a long, dark winter when the sun rise at 11 and sets at 3 pm people are just longing for some sun. and when it still doesn't show up even during summer it makes it quite difficult to deal with the upcoming winter months that will soon be here again. god, i feel depressed now just writing this. hehe.

Kelly said...

Yes, Ekta I've been hearing of the rain which kind of surprised me. Aren't Scandinavian summers to be oh so glorious? And I do remember your winter. I lived in Copenhagen for a year and it's brutal.

Perhaps a trip to the southern hemisphere is in order this year.

And to be honest we've kind of had an incredible year weather wise and we don't have brutal winters. Hey what can I say... California is for complainers;)

shara said...

I have the exact same love/hate relationship with the weather in this city! And I also love being downtown when it's foggy, it really does feel like you're in a movie. But I do have my days when I rant about the cold. Good coffee and good music help me get going in the mornings. I've always been curious about sun lamps but have never tried them!

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