Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Made in China

SW01Lunar Collection

Made in China, is not something one looks for when purchasing timeless quality pieces with the intention of them becoming heirlooms. Those three words hold a heavy denotation for the American consumer of cheap, possibly dangerous (remember all those toy recalls), the Apple debacle (as well as every other technology based product) and a loss of jobs in the American manufacturing sector.

I've also heard from quite a few of my fellow American designers that working with Chinese manufacturers is a bit of nightmare on several levels yet they feel the need to do so in order to get their work at a price point the public is willing to pay. Our Stateside options aren't much better with many manufacturer's being notoriously difficult to work with and only worried about their bottom line and not much else. It has been something I've researched in my quest to produce my own pieces over the past year as I try to decide how to get there from here. This was especially eye opening since I've mostly been exposed to Danish and Italian brands (While working at Limn furniture and living in Copenhagen while finishing architecture school.) who are huge supporters of the designers they produce and represent.

So you can imagine my glee in reading about Stellar Works in Monocle. Stellar Works is a collective of furniture designers spanning the globe who are working with highly skilled woodworkers in China. The emphasis on building a relationship based on quality, design, and skill is exactly what has been lacking in so many cross-cultural relationships as our brands go global and manufacturing continues to expand in China. A noteworthy venture that should be applauded and lauded as they have found a balance that works in an increasingly confounding marketplace.

Above and below are a few pieces from their eleven different collections but I of course urge you to check out all their offerings on their site. Bravo, Stellar Works I look forward to hearing about your future ventures.

SW02 Lunar Collection
 SW03Mogensen x  Junko Koshino SW04 Laval CollectionSW05 Morgensen SW06 Vilhelm Wohlert Collection

All photos courtesy of Stellar Works


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Hello Anon, I'll take a look but perhaps email me so I know who you are yes?

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