Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bocci 22


I don't know if anyone else did this but I remember in my first apartment replacing every single outlet cover with a brushed stainless steel cover instead* from Home Depot of course. It was my little protest against the overtly ugly, trying to blend in but doing a horrible job at it outlets that still exist everywhere today (at least in the U.S.) If I had to accept their conspicuous intrusion at least I was going to CHOOSE their intrusion material and palette. So you can imagine I did a little dance in my seat when I came across these beauties. I hope they take over the world.

All photography via Bocci 22.  You may be more familiar with Bocci's light fixtures especially #14. Also as a side note they're located in Vancouver. I may just have to pay them a visit since they are so close. A little tour of the facilities and an interview? What do you say Bocci?

UPDATE: So I ran these by a contractor friend of mine, Sacha of Stingray Builders, thinking he would be into these but he immediately pointed out some serious flaws. One being the surface material ceases to be protected which I'm actually wondering if that's a true reality or not as I don't think I touch the surface when I plug and unplug. But the other two reasons I thought I should share especially after Doug commented. Thanks Doug.

-How can you service the plug without breaking through the surface material whether sheetrock or wood paneling. Umm, kind of a big problem there.

-Then there is question of whether or not they are to code another big problem.

A quick look through FAQ/Tech specs actually answered a few of these questions. So then we're back to faceplate issue of protecting the wall materials. In which case I think this deserves a  tryout at least in one room and see how the walls wear. Again, I don't personally think I'm touching the wall when I plug and unplug (I'll also add I'm not the most delicate or careful so...) A high traffic room would be the best to really test it out. Either way aesthetically they are a HUGE improvement on your typical outlet.

He had a few alternatives for me but I like these best from Cooper wiring devices.

BC02 BC03 BC04 * I asked the Mister and he did this too. But we are odd like that having many shared experiences in the years we lived in the same city and never knew each other.

Found on Atelier a+d
All photography via Bocci


Doug C. said...

I like these but I see real functional problems. If one plugs and unplugs at all wood veneers and plaster will become scratched beyond an acceptable level.
The standard plate is ugly but is large enough to protect the surface. I would have liked to see a flush option plate: chrome ,matte white, or paintable with a reveal large enough to protect the surrounding surface.

Kelly said...

Thanks Doug I actually agree with you... I talked with a contractor friend and we went over this as well as the fact that you would have to crack open the plaster or wood panel to service them. Not to mention they probably don't meet code either. Ah well, They are pretty. He suggested these.

Doug C. said...

I have to give Bocci credit. They have thought about the most problematic features.

There is a device included to pop the outlet out and replace it from the exterior.

I don't want to be negative on these because I do think they are beautiful and I hope they will address issues and come up with a broader product. It's not an easy task to re-address the lowly electric outlet.

Kelly said...

Thanks Doug for the response. So nice to have responsible readers. I did check into this further in their FAQ's regardless it's nice to have a dialogue even via the interweb.

Kate said...

Um, yes, I totally did that in my first grown up apartment, ha!

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