Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Workshop Residence & Lauren DiCioccio


I fell in love with this sweet embroidered bag by Lauren DiCioccio mimicking -albeit in luxurious materials- the ubiquitous rose grocery bag seen all over Chinatown. So much so that I actually called MAC and charged it right there and picked it up a couple days later. I haven't yet found a place for it so it currently hangs from the refrigerator until then.

Then this past Monday after a lovely brunch with the Mister at Serpentine I walked past the  The Workshop Residence and it was actually open. I had known about it because Ben of MAC had told us about it. I had gone to the website a few times but as these things go sometimes you have to watch it grow to understand exactly the form they will take on. And let me tell you this is and will be a form you'll want to watch for years to come. The line up of up-coming residents is incredible and it looks to be booked through 2014.

I urge you to experience it in person but as a little hint names like Jim Iserman, Jennifer Morla, and Johanna Grawunder are on the horizon. 

Also in the spirit of the pieces pictured above here's a very interesting interview on Fresh Air about Americans being the largest producers of Garbage worldwide. In fact even our largest export at the moment is garbage. A very sad state of affairs don't you think?

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