Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Favorites


Well, It's quite obvious I needed a little blog break to focus on other things. I'm definitely at a crossroads and trying to figure so many many things out which means a lot of work/connections/study etc. Sometimes it's the worst feeling isn't it... that feeling of not being here and yet not there. Your life hanging in the balance. Alright moving on... one foot in front of the other as they say. Or as Maurice Sendak says, "Live your life, live your life, live your life." Besides I've got an incredible line up of posts that I've just been sitting on over here.

As you know I had the opportunity of to go the Dwell/Marin Home tours and while all the homes were incredible there were three that really pushed all my buttons (the happy make you smile ones) The first of the three was the Mill Valley Loft designed by Kenneth Holder and Allison Bloom. I think it's one of those incredible places that you don't realize the gem that it is until you step inside.
It was also one the first homes I began shooting in and I'm always a little nervous shooting in such an environment. I mean there were people everywhere so it was difficult to really get shots that showed off the space. In fact those last two shots of the kitchen I pulled from Allison's website for that very reason. Which bums me out because these photos don't show how really open that kitchen is and the scale of those incredible lights. You'll just have to take my word for it.

01-02 01-03 01-04 *all photos by Kelly Waters except the last two by John Merkl

The second residence a Mill Valley Bungalow, while it was taken in direction I wouldn't personally head down I have to give them huge props for being so bold and brave with the materials, colors and artwork. I was thinking about how the kids must be having a blast growing up in this "Funhouse." The design is by Los Angeles based architects Marmol and Radziner (who are currently working pro bono on my Alma Mater's property The Neutra VDL Research House Thanks M&R, it's a gem in need of serious help.) but I'm guessing the owners had a huge hand in it's development as well. In fact it gives me hope when I see that not all clients are going to want to play it safe safe safe. Bravo!

02-01 02-02 02-03 02-04 02-05*All photos by Kelly Waters

And the final home the Kefalides-Neely residence, a mid-century gem. An Eichler (You do know Eichler was a developer yes? Yes, of course you do;) designed by the architect Claude Oakland and a flawless one at that, filled with Mid-Century delights in just as impeccable shape. What I've come to notice over the years is that if one of these Eichler's are modified too much or contain too much furniture not from the period all the proportions seem off as if the two need to go hand in hand. I was actually surprised by this discovery since I'm certainly not a 'by the book' kind of gal when it comes to restoration. I believe in paying respect to the original but I think it's perfectly okay to do that in an unconventional way or to do it in a way that updates a home to fit the living standards of today for the family living in it. But this home was just perfect the way it was and I fell head over heels for it.

I'd also like to put in a request for that gradated Raymond Loewy credenza and a few of those 3-dimensional pieces by Brian Willsher. Just email me and I'll send you the address to send them to immediately. I'm only sort of kidding. Okay, C'est Fin. Hope you enjoyed coming along even if it was a bit belated.

03-01 03-02 03-03 03-04 03-05 03-06

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aaron/ said...

super cool, i like the M+R one, I think you could get away with this in europe, nice to see something a bit new!! thanks for touring

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