Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outtakes part one: Neil Søren Jorgensen


I was thinking the other day I have this huge backlog of photos that I haven't used and really what good are they doing on my hard drive if I'm not sharing them. Obviously, I'm no super photographer BUT composition... that I do have. And Neil's place is a fun example. Mostly because if you remember there was only one money shot for 7x7 since you can only fit so much in a one page spread. So I hope you enjoy these outtakes from the weeks prior to the shoot.

NJ02 NJ03

Neil's collection of large scale puzzles is impressive but my favorite by far is the full scale vintage Playboy along the back wall.

A detail shot of the clip-boards with a few sketches and ideas brewing below. 

NJ04 NJ05 NJ06 Loved that sofa too.

All photographs by Kelly Waters

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