Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 75th Anniversary Golden Gate!


Do you remember this photo above? I took it a couple years ago when our dear friend Andy took us for a spin around the bay. So rarely do you see the bridge from this angle usually it's pictured from it's lofty heights shrouded in fog. Well, while we were admiring the legs of international orange Andy regaled us with a story of his grandmother dancing on the top on opening day. I immediately asked if he had any pictures to which he said yes but then all was forgotten until I ran into him a few weeks ago and asked again. When having lunch with his 97 year old grandmother he procured a few photos from the some saved newspaper clippings scanned them and sent them over. I immediately checked the San Francisco Library's online photo gallery to see if I could find ones that were a little clearer and sure enough I found the one below. I do love a good story and I just think there is something magical to have a family that has been in one place for so many many generations that they had the opportunity to see the development of such an icon and to celebrate it in a once in a lifetime way. I asked Andy to tell us the story of how it happened. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

How my 97 year old Grandma, Virginia Rogers, wound up dancing on top of the west tower of the Golden Gate bridge. 
As she tells it, the Cal rally committee was invited to tour the bridge while it was under construction.  They needed a ride.  She had a car.  Before she knew it she was dancing on the top of the west tower, way pre-flash mob. Oddly enough Mary Kingwell, the sister to my other grandmother, happened to be there for the visit that day as well, my blood relation to both of them just a friendly Cal acquaintance.  Grandma Virginia’s impromptu dance partner, just an acquaintance as well.   
Her real Dance partner for life, Tom Rogers, would lead my brothers and I across the Golden Gate on many grandparent bike rides.  We never made it up the tower but heard the story many times.   Astonished and jealous each time we heard it.  

75GG02 (Grandma Virgina Rogers is center stage. And can you believe that Andy's Grandmother and Great Aunt were up there together? San Fransisco is a small town but it was even smaller then.)

In just under a week the Golden gate will be 75 years young so just for fun here are some art and events centered around our beloved San Francisco Icon.

Yellow Owl Workshop's San Francisco stamp set.
Petit Collage's San Francisco wood panel print.
Creativity Explored's Golden Gate Note card set

For a full view of the events planned for the Anniversary visit Golden Gate Bridge 75.
International Orange is having a full on celebration.
And a fantastic and informative article on the Golden Gate including how it got it's name.

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