Thursday, April 26, 2012

Michael Boyd

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Listening to DnA this week I heard from Frances Anderton ( I just love her) about Michael Boyd's exhibit at Ed Cella Art & Architecture gallery. It wasn't the images that pulled me in after all, it's radio after all but a few things he had to say about his work that made me rush to the website to find out more.

His chairs draw not only on timeless classics but archetypes and even society's most rudimentary pieces through out history. Which reminded me of when my dear friend Jorge was taking photos of the archaic stools the guards were sitting on while I was photographing Niemeyer's big beautiful modern buildings in Brasilia. One a symbol of modernity another, the other the most primitive example of a chair.

Michael mentioned that...

"It's about renewal instead of what's new"

and that the chairs were an "Analogue experiment for a digital age"

When Frances asked if he was worried that some might find the chairs derivative, since you can plainly see the influences of Rietveld, Breuer, FLW, among others. He said.

"Editing is a viable form of creation at this point"

And the thing is I think he's right. As soon as I see something new, something I haven't seem before, the next thing I know I have come across it's doppelganger from half a century ago. This even goes with my own designs. It begs the question of whether sometimes it might be better to not be so informed? Or should you go about it the way Michael has and own up to the many variations and iterations on a theme. Is there no more new at this point? Or is the new strictly virtual?

Hopefully I'll be able to make it down to Los Angeles in order to see the exhibit before it's gone. I certainly hope so. And I've heard the catalogue is beautifully designed with "patterns" or instructives on how to build the chairs yourself. I've got to get one of those!

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Simone said...

If you like this you will love Piet Hein Eek: he has been working hard for about 20 years now and has a wonderful factory with a restaurant and a store showing all his designs to perfection. He also designed wallpaper that is so good you actually have to touch it in order to know that it is not the real deal.
Have a wonderful day and thank you for this beautiful post;

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