Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Captain's Home


I asked Jorge recently if I could see some photos of his work as an Art Director on films in Brazil. I hear about it all the time but I hadn't once been privy to the final outcome. So he sent me his latest but for obvious legal reasons I can't share them with you. He did however take photos of the wonderful house in which the film was  staged. Here's a little back story, you'll just have to imagine what it looked like. Besides photos of the 1960's abode and original furniture are a gift in itself.

The Captain's home. It is the year of 1968, and he is just moving here with all his memorabilia collected during a life at sea. Or is it all a lie? He will hold court here, telling tales and charming the hell out the simple folks who live in this small seaside community. The house was built by Zanine Caldas (check him out!) in the sixties, and as in all his projects he used demolition materials and integrated the project to the natural topography of the terrain. He never used landfills or altered the landscape.

You do remember Jorge don't you. He's the one responsible for all those incredible guest posts last year. Some of the best posts on this blog if we're being dead honest.
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