Friday, April 6, 2012

Anouck Griffioen


One of my first posts for this blog was of Anouck Griffioen's work. I found her via Flickr... not exactly sure how. Perhaps she commented or favorited one of my photos? Either way it was love at first sight. I was drawing gorgeous gals myself on my lunch hour as a break from city codes, details, and trips to the building department and I've always had a an affinity for fashion, models, photography etc. One could say I was obsessed really in my teenage years. My family was in shambles and I dreamed of escaping to that world where beauties like Cindy, Christie, and Linda roamed in their native habitat.

But Wow, her scale is just incredible. I fell in love with her progress photos and her studio space. It all represented an alternate reality for me. Perhaps one I would have chosen if I knew it existed when I was younger.

Every once in awhile I do seek out of the artists or studios I have featured years ago to see what they are up to and if it makes sense to post more recent work. Obviously the blog has shifted towards my current reality of design and architecture more than fashion and art but I do love to post something in this realm every once in awhile. Her work has also taken a slight turn to include environments, patterns, and obscured individuals but that grand beautiful larger than life scale has remained. Lovely! Happy Friday.

p.s. What I wouldn't do for that top piece!

AG02 AG03 AG04

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Gretchen said...

Wow! These Anouk's works are wonderful. Have to make a bookmark about her. Thanks for sharing!

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