Wednesday, March 28, 2012



Has an architecture blog! That is all....

Okay it's not really all. I was just so stunned by this fact and the fact that he completely and totally gets Los Angeles. I feel like I'm always playing defense for that city but I'm beginning to think I might start keeping my mouth shut and not tell anyone about it's wonders. So Moby shhhh don't let them know about it.

p.s. Moby have you read Reyner Banham's Los Angeles The architecture of four ecologies? I think you should. But purchase an old hardcover copy with the David Hockney painting on the cover because you are going to want to keep this one.

p.p.s. If you have a moment listen to his interview with Frances Anderton on kcrw. My favorite quote from the interview...
"I like when people dismiss LA architecture as ugly. That's because you haven't been invited inside"


silvia said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. It is kind of like discovering Ice Cube's rap about Eames. HAHA

agnes szucs said...

That Moby! wow.
I don't know anything about LA's architecture... i haven't been invited, hehe... but he makes awesome photos!


sunsetjunction said...

Having studied, lived, and worked in Architecture for 7 years in LA , I can agree with Moby to a certain extent. However, most of LA architecture IS ugly, and that is why it IS beautiful. I suppose you can describe it as sublimely grotesque. You don't have to be invited because it is all around you. As much as I appreciate all the Schindler, Eames, Neutra, Koenig, Wright, Gehry, Morphosis, Maltzan etc.. projects, nothing compares to driving or walking the miles of streets of LA on a Summer evening and experiencing all the local culture and vernacular architecture.

(it just bugs me that the internet thinks Moby discovered something unique about LA, tumble blogs about it, and they all eat it up. You are right he really should read Four Ecologies).

Kelly said...

I hear you Sunset. I felt the same way when Brad Pitt started working with Frank Gehry. I thought Man, I have to go through school not sleep for weeks and weeks and work my butt off for years and I'll never be allowed to step foot in that studio. Their celebrity does allow them an audience us regular folk don't have. So something we love and try to share with others can only go so far.

But you know I've changed my mind a little on that subject because if our celebrity driven world will only listen to certain individuals at least some of those individuals have something interesting to say and something worthwhile to contribute. So thank goodness for people like Moby and Brad who can reach others we can't.

I also agree on the sublimely ugly and the idea that Los Angeles is a labyrinth. That is what makes it so infinitely interesting. I miss it supremely.

I know. I live in a city that has become increasingly sterile and coded and boring. There are no more discoveries, no more surprises, no more wonder. Everything is expected and history is rewritten by a planning department that thinks that the cityscape should be rebuilt as it never was so that it follows some fantasy of what San Francisco is in the storybook of their mind.

ashley said...

haha, i know. l.a. has such a bad wrap for some reason! especially here in the pacific northwest, everyone is always shit-talking l.a. i feel like i'm always trying to defend it and tell them how nice everyone is and how there are hidden gems all over and um- lets not forget the WEATHER IS AMAZING, but i finally decided to keep it to myself and under my breath think "clueless"

Vivi said...

That's funny, I just started using tumblr with the same template Moby is using. I'm going to consider this an indirect compliment from him. Let me know what you think ( By the way, when are we going to have our Mad Men chat. Skype soon, when are you available?

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