Monday, March 12, 2012

Massimo and Lella Vignelli

Hellooo again, So it's been a bit longer than a week I know. And to be honest I'm still a little under water over here but you know it's odd this blog has become so much a part of my day that it's a little painful to be away for so long. And I can't lie there are days when I've got nothing and it tortures me. I mean how can one be 'on' everyday?! But of course it was taking quite a bit of effort to ignore the inspired works I came across. This one in particular.... and can I ask if this is Lella and Massimo why is everything only labeled as designed by him. If they were a team is that necessary? Anyhoo, this one takes a while but I highly recommend it. There are some incredible lines in there by Massimo.

"If Lella doesn't like it, it goes in the wastebasket"

"Yea, I did a house when I was in school but, too much work!" (priceless commentary on the physical action of design and building architecture around the 14 min mark, it's all true folks;)

"There are plenty of good designers in the world, there are very few good clients"

Brought to my attention by the ever talented Wary Meyers. Who recently came into a mess Vignelli's


John said...

Thanks Kelly! I also love the part when Barbaralee asks, "Now by Mickey Mouse you mean not so good?..." And how Massimo seems to keep looking at their coffee table thinking "why did we make that so low?"
And I totally agree with you- Lella gets no credit! Especially for being more of the 'objects' designer of the two of them. And how cool is she?!

Kelly said...

My pleasure. Yes, the whole thing is really a gem. So fun to see them play off each other.

Vivi said...

I will take time to view this clip. If you're recommending it I know its worth it. I know exactly how you feel about trying to write everyday. For me, writing/posting has kept me motivated, and some interesting people have come my way as a result. We have to catch up one of these days. Kys

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