Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alcatraz: part three

The last of the photos are of the incredibly gorgeous surrounds. I would have taken more but people I was walking around in the fucking rain for days people for days!!! and I was wet and my camera lens kept getting wet because the wind was blowing in every freaking direction. So this is what you get for a wet, tired, and wind swept gal trying her best not to lose it in front of her little brother.

All the surrounding buildings are just ruins of the grandeur they were. Basically there was a whole civilian life on the island too for all the families that lived there along with the officers that ran the prison. The wardens house is above and the rest were a series of Halls, manufacturing  facilities and other ancillary buildings. The entire island was also beautifully planted and well kept. It was like walking around in some kind exotic garden.

RU02 RU04 RU05


Anonymous said...

these are so gorg. i would love to go to alcatraz.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! :-) Thanks for braving the elements.

Kelly said...

Thanks you two! It was truly surprising how much I enjoyed going. I even want to go back on a sunnier occasion.

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