Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alcatraz: part one


I've lived in San Francisco cumulatively (moved away and back) now for about 9 years. Wow, how time flies. But not once in all those years did I ever make a trip to Alcatraz. Don't give me any grief, how many of you New Yorkers have been to the Statue of Liberty? Hollywood sign, Los Angeles? Or, feel free to insert your famed historical site from your city here. The funny thing is, it is one of the only sites I've actually been interested in. So, thanks Robert (my brother) for suggesting we go.

One of my favorite parts was all the artwork, music and games that were in some of the cells. I have no idea if they are the real works (the tour didn't say) or if it's purely styled but I couldn't help but romanticize it a little and believe they were true pieces from the actual inmates. I learned so much. Did you know it was JFK that finally closed Alcatraz down as being too inhumane? Did you know the Marines were called in during a horrific and bloody revolt of the inmates? There was a full on war just off our shores. Incredible. No wonder it's been a such a draw all these years. More to come later this week.

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Anonymous said...

I went to Alcatraz on a trip to San Francisco I took years ago. I was surprised by how pretty it was out there. There were beautiful flowers growing all around and it was just so pretty.

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