Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Ever After


While I'll admit that I'm not one for Valentines in truth I am an utterly hopeless romantic (sometimes to a fault... why I stayed in my first relationship far past it's expiration date? I was sure there was only one love of my life. Oh dear, how much you learn.) Lauren Fleishman started photographing and interviewing couples in New York that had been married over 50 years after being inspired by a letter she found from her grandfather to her grandmother during WWII. So far she's funded this project all on her own dime but would like to continue it and needs a little help. If this project touches your heart the way it does mine send a little love her way.

There's something else that strikes me about this project. Are these couples a dying breed? Will people of our generation have couples married for 50+ years? I certainly hope so. Although happily married is the key isn't it. Miserably joined is fun for no one. I often wonder if the Mister and I will make it here, it's an awfully long journey from here to there.



Ella said...

Sweetest, most genuine & heartfelt Valentines day post I've seen!

Kelly said...

Thanks Ella! How are you?

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