Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cabin Fever


If you remember I did a quick studio tour with Alex Palecko and his work not so long ago. Well, I received a little nudge to see if perhaps he would be open to a little home tour too. And lucky for me and you Alex and Jodi agreed, not to mention I got to meet sweet Sullivan and Scampy (the pup) too.

Actually,  Sullivan's imminent arrival is what began their search for a new place.
"Our Victorian was loud, drafty, dark and haunted--the cottage is magical and cozy and makes us forget that we are anywhere near a city.  We knew that we were pregnant when we found the cottage, and moving into 420 square feet was hugely impractical, not nearly as impractical as actually giving birth to him here. "
Found on craigslist, their first viewing of the photographs online and Jodi remarked... "We can't live there."  and after their first visit and viewing that changed to... "We can't not live here."


"The framed lithographs were a gift from Jodi's 92 year old grandmother shortly before she passed away. She was an avid art collector and the lithographs were from a larger selection of about 50 lithographs from various American artists." 

You can spot sweet Sullivan's changing table and dresser on the right crafted by Alex. Sully was actually born in the cottage on April 26, 2011.
I was struck by how organized and well put together their tiny kitchen was. This is no tiny feat when living in such a small space. And the gorgeous various jars filled with every kind of dry goods, why should you hide such beauty in a cabinet. And who wouldn't fall for the grape lights especially when they have magical powers of love... okay I'm being dramatic but they do have a lovely story behind them told to me by Alex.

"Those lights are a house warming gift from a very special friend of ours, Lulu. His home is covered in textures of fabric, prints, and lights. Jodi and I met lounging in his bed, watching project runway, and drinking champagne. He has these identical lights all over his kitchen." 

AJ05 AJ06
Jodi, Alex and Scampy snuggling up with a good book.

Up the ship-like stairs is a loft left only for slumber. The birds sculpture/art piece are from one of the first art shows at Stumptown Division Cafe from when Jodi was a barista there. She now manages Four Barrel on Valencia.  Can you spot Sullivan down for a nap?

When I photographed the space there was but one bike on a pully system but since then they have devised a system for hanging a few more all on their own rope and pulley systems. "It has really extended the square footage of the cottage," says Alex. 

 Alex plays the guitar too.

"When Jodi and Sully fall asleep I sneak downstairs and setup my recording equipment. I compose music with an acoustic guitar, vocals, and whatever toys sully has sitting around."

What sweet lullabies, to fall asleep to.  

Thanks again, Alex and Jodi.


Anonymous said...

Love this sweet cottage. And it's inhabitants seem like very sweet people as well. Gives me ideas for more wood, everywhere.
Thanks Kelly!

josey said...

wow, this actually makes me wanna move into a cozy lil spot like that. they are some crafty ass muthas.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it too! Alex and Jodi really couldn't have been more darling, talented and best of all Nice!

Michelle said...

Really loved this, Kelly. I'm enjoying the movement towards tiny spaces that we're seeing right now.

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