Monday, January 23, 2012

Potrero Modern

MP01 MP02
I thought it might be fun to tease you with some sunshine... okay no, not really. But while little Buddy had me on daily walks I was realizing how many modern structures existed in the neighborhood. If you have ever heard a San Francisco architect's laments you will know that one of them is the overwhelming zeal for the ever present and ubiquitous Victorian and how it seems like the whole of San Francisco feels like every new building should be repeating history regardless of present building practices. I won't bore you with the ever-loving details but I will share with you some fine modern specimens.

The two above were my favorite. Forget about saving best for last. The top an Aidlin Darling residence... Aidlin or Darling actually lives there but at the moment I forget which one. I toured it during the AIASF Home Tours. It is pretty much my dream house. An almost 2 bedroom with a studio in back and an artist studio in the basement. And the second, well, I'm not sure who lives there but I like it. It's form, material, color, restraint. Anyone know who lives there? Wanna give me a tour?

But some only offer a glimpse of something modern. Perhaps a clue to an interior remodel into something more open and austere leaving the exterior as is. The rest of both these homes are far more traditional than the details show here.

We even have ourselves a brand new modern library which I have yet to visit but really should. I'm sure the views out the back side of it are incredible.

MP05 MP06 MP07
Some 1960's potential. I say potential because if you were to move into one of these beauties you could do minimal upgrading/remodeling and have that new/old modern abode you always hoped for. But I do think they are quite lovely the way they are too. Especially the two above with the colorful paint jobs.

These two fell into the previous category before they had mini-facelifts. Do you see what I mean now?

MP09 MP10
These two are just a bit more than modern details. They've added a whole modern third floor right on top of their traditional home. I'll add that this is definitely the more expensive route folks. That third floor pushes you into an entire structural upgrade. Oh but what an upgrade it is if it affords you the best views in the city. The bottom of the two I've actually toured during one of the architecture tours that happen every September. It's incredible! And it has one of the details I would love to have in my home one day. An entire wall filled with shelving and books. Floor to ceiling, front to back covering three floors!

MP11 MP13 MP12
And then there is the glitzy and the massive. To be fair all three of these are either at the top of a hill or on the side of the hill that is rising so by nature they are going to look much larger than their neighbors across the street who can burrow into the hillside. But wowzers they still are large. I do have give it to the developer/builder who designed and built the bottom 2-unit (@2.5 million dollars a piece, sheesh) they did at least use decent materials. If your contractor/builder/realtor tries to sell you on granite anything people, you should know that is not a luxury material it's a cheap material that typically doesn't even look that nice and absorbs all light around it. Although in some applications it is quite nice and well done like say the exterior in nice dimensions like the bottom half of the unit above.

The middle photo went a little nutty with the slats and titanium(?) siding for my taste. And the top photo, well they could have tried to not make their home an enormous massive block. A little delineation here and there would have helped the cause. A little play on geometry? No? Okay At least you used good materials/windows.

MP14 And then we have the we're doing our own thing over here. The home on the left is interesting for the fact that it's still sitting on top of the Potrereo bedrock and I can't figure if it's two units or one with a really interesting floor plan. The second one I've always kind of loved. It's got a bit of what feels like Japanese flair. I don't know why that is I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyone know the story behind this one?

Alright this is the end of your Modern Potrero tour. Did I miss any? Thanks for coming on a walk with me.


Kate said...

oh, I love this! thank you for the tour.

Kelly said...

I thought you might;)

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