Friday, January 13, 2012

Noma & Space CPH


I was reading an article on foraging in the New Yorker* before calling it a night. More specifically it finished with René Redzepi the chef of Noma in Copenhagen. Apparently, Noma has been elected/chosen/voted by a jury of his peers (I have no idea how these things are done, obviously) Best Restaurant in the World. My first thought was... Really? There is such a thing? And then well what does the best restaurant in the world look like. True to form the actual Noma website doesn't have very many photos of the space itself but it did thankfully point me in the right direction and with a little more digging I came across Space CPH.

Wow, an incredible space with that perfect know how that (mostly) Northern Europeans have with mixing the old with the new instead of glorifying history like us Americans do far to often. And while I haven't eaten there I could see how the surroundings would compliment the fare. In fact during my stay in Copenhagen I was an incredibly poor student so going out to eat at such establishments was not an experience I had the pleasure to enjoy. I'm not complaining I wasn't starving and I was very taken care of through my professors and a Danish/American family who adopted me while I was there even though I lived in the kollegium. But I would love to return and be able to actually experience the food of Denmark through some of it's well known chefs.

If you have a moment have a look at Space CPH's porfolio. You won't be disappointed.

NS02 NS03 NS04
*thanks to my father in law who renews my subscription every year.

all photos via Space CPH


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OMIGOD i want to throw a furry sheepskin-y thing over my writing chair RIGHT NOW.

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