Monday, January 2, 2012

Hungarian Hottie Indeed

I'm not going to do a better tribute than Mondoblogo so I might as well send you there. I can only hope to be as prolific as the dear Eva Zeisel. Wow, what a life!

I know another talented Hungarian hottie my Belle Mere and the Mister for that matter. Can Mister's be hotties?

photos via Mondoblogo I'm gonna have to get my mits on that book.
Agnes of iiiispired did another lovely tribute.


Vivi said...

Merci for this...I love that we both could have 1/2 Hungarian babies!

agnes szucs said...

Thaaanks for the link, Kelly!
But your mother is Hungarian? Or do I get this wrong? :)


Kelly said...

Hi Agnes,

Belle Mere (or beautiful mother) is french for Mother in Law. I just think it sounds so much nicer than the English version which sounds so cold and legal;) She escaped during the revolution and has some wild stories. She's also a bombshell so beautiful Mother is appropriate;)

agnes szucs said...

Haha... I didn't know what a Belle Mere meant... I mean, I did understand the two words, but didn't know it meant that. :) :) Agree, it sounds so much nicer than Mother-in-Law.Good to know you have Hungarian connections! :) :)


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