Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crushing Hard

Michelle Harper isn't the first eccentric I've swooned over. But wow, I'm currently over the moon. I came across this gal when Into the Gloss posted a Top Shelf feature on her. My immediate thought... WHO IS THAT?! And can I please spend just one day with this gal? Seriously she has to teach me some of those hair piece tricks. Oddly enough I blogged about her already but didn't know her name.*

So I did what any gal would do who just fell head over heels would do... I did a quick google search to see what else I could find and landed on Tales of Endearment **where I get to see not only more of this gorgeous creature but her home too. It doesn't always happen that one who has sartorial taste and style also happens to know a thing or two about interiors as well. A boon, to say the least.

*I NEED one of those gold wigs couldn't anyone point me in the right direction.
** This is the most sublime site. I think it will quickly become a fave. I'd head over stat.

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1 comment:

east side bride said...

we all need a gold wig.

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