Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Warm Metals

Ever since I accidentally came across Carl Aübock via an saved ebay search I've enjoyed spotting all the warm metals popping up everywhere ever since. I'm sure I was picking up on these vintage metals of brass and bronze before that but at that point it was truly conscious. I say vintage metals because for the most part you really don't see them except in vintage objects or furniture. Chrome and Steel have been the prevailing choice in design for quite some time now so it's a relief to see the warmth of brass and bronze come to the fore recently. 

I'm sure I'm leaving out many many other examples but if off the top of your head you think of more would you mind leaving a comment. Thanks. 
  WM02 WM03 WM04 WM05 WM06  
photo credits 

01 Carl Aübock via Mondo Cane via T magazine 
02 Futagami via Mjölk
03 Commune Crate 
04 Alma Allen 
05 Azadeh Shladovsky via YHBHS

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