Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enjoying the scenery: Healdsburg

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Walking around Healdsburg it was obviously fall but the kind of autumn that only a Northern California winery town can give you. I mean they have rainbow trees up there people. Oh and incredible vineyards where all the leaves are starting to change in row after gorgeous row. And that cute mustache sign is just thrown in for good measure because I liked it.
Here's the list of restaurants we went to. ALL were beyond delicious. 

Day one
Lunch: Ravenous -It looks like some ridiculous quaint little house but the food and service are impeccable. 
Dinner: Barndiva -The Mister and I have wanted to go here for YEARS and it did not disappoint.

Day two
Lunch: Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar -We regretfully gorged ourselves at lunch but we couldn't help it everything was so incredibly good. But perhaps when you are going to Cyrus for dinner one should use a little restraint. Oh and their bloody mary. Delish!
Dinner: Cyrus -We were both a little nervous it wouldn't live up the our original visit. It's hard to get a glowing review twice. But man oh man. Just as incredible as the first time and my birthday desert was the most amazing thing. I'm still trying to figure if I can draw that up for you. But I'll have to use my memory since I didn't take a photo. Sometimes you just need to experience life and not be obsessed with recording it. 

Tomorrow will be the final post on a special little shop. 

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