Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank you for seeing me

Well, hello again.... well last week was kind of a pathetic return wasn't it. I promise I have good reasons for being absent for which I'll share soon. I'm a little superstitious and would hate to jinx the good luck of a certain offer.

But during my incredibly busy week last week I was catching up on my podcasts as I worked away. One of them being DnA (Design and Architecture) a radio show out of Los Angeles. (It's fantastic you should seriously check it out, seriously! Frances Anderton is it.) Well, while listening I heard Kat Fowler speak about her project "thank you for seeing me" on kickstarter. A project I was too late to donate towards but one I was instantly attracted to for a few reasons. One, I've always thought Los Angeles (yes that hunking big city with a massive car culture) would be a great city to ride your bike in. In fact I did ride to work for a whole year. But to tell you the truth that car culture makes it pretty scary. It's not much better in San Francisco and we have a few more hills. But with all the tension between drivers and riders I always thought it was too polarized and wondered how could we create a fun smart campaign that makes you laugh a little and brings people together instead of further apart.

"Thank you for seeing me" does just that. It says HEY, that big car you drive could really hurt me so thanks for being aware that I'm here. Instead of the opposite which is soooo easy to fall into.... which goes a little something like this. "Hey Mother*&^%*** you almost f*#@%ing killed me you piece of sh*$! You know something you want to say to that bus driver that almost ran you over (seriously I was pinned between the bus and the curb) and then the guy that gets off the bus says "you know you should really be more careful" You know, if something like that happened to you, you might be a little hostile. But on the other end I've gotten pretty angry at other bicyclists that don't have lights on at night or run red lights. Because where would I be if I ran over you and it was YOUR fault and I was thrown in jail or you were killed or or or... you see where this all goes. So a little courtesy on the road would be oh soooo nice. Don't you think? Head on over and check it out.

In other bicycle news Mikael of Copenhagen Cycle Chic has gone and created an index of the top 20 most bike-friendly cities. Pretty smart no? What a great way to get cities to strive for a place on the list and improve their cities standing. To be honest I'm actually surprised San Francisco made the list.

logo via TYFSM
Photos via Copenhagen Cycle Chic (p.s. I have NOT tried that umbrella move, I mean coffee in one hand yes but an umbrella?! That thing catches wind. Wow!)

p.s. Get ready for a super super guest post from Jorge tomorrow. 

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