Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Studio Mama

So I've known about Studio Mama for awhile but when a dear friend recently sent me her way to check out her trustle tables I was stunned by how much her portfolio has grown over the past few years. To be be perfectly honest if my portfolio kept heading in this direction I would be beyond ecstatic. A little this and a little that makes a gal happy... Or at least makes this gal happy.

I've included some of my favorite pieces from her portfolio...

The Beach Chalet above.
The Branch Out trustles
And her genius 1x1 Range

I also discovered something else. Nina Tolstrup is responsible for some of my favorite city guides. Guides I found while walking down some itty bitty side street in Copenhagen and into some itty bitty publisher on a rainy cold day. I had no idea! What a fun find. 

Thanks Silvia for reacquainting me with Nina's work. And as a p.s. Silvia was in Copenhagen the year before I was from the same school and the only person from that school that year too. Funny, no?

p.p.s. This week seems to have a Danish theme already. So completely not planned. Just like last week's Los Angeles theme.

photo credits: 
Beach Chalet - Nina Tolstrup 
Branch Out - Hector Serrano
1x1 - Richard Davies


silvia said...

i really miss copenhagen... have you gone back for a visit?

Kelly said...

Me tooo. I haven't which is sad since it's been sooooo long now. Where does the time go?

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