Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A contemporary interior in Rio: Guest Post Jorge Soares

A contemporary interior in Rio

Since I moved back to Rio I've been complaining about how I miss being around brand new design displayed in contemporary spaces. Kelly heard a lot about that - our friendship been born and nurtured inside LIMN in all its glory. And there I was again bitching about that with my friends at 021, where I go to see what's new from time to time. Then Ricardo just pointed to Luiza by his side and asked if I wanted to take photos of her home, and she smiled agreeing. Now that's another reason why I visit the shop: they are the nicest people. And so I found myself a couple of days later on my way to Barra Da Tijuca, a neighborhood on the western part of Rio a bit bigger than the city of San Francisco, along the coast of a 28 miles long beach. It began being developed in the 1970's and is the place of tall spaced buildings, luxurious shopping centers and car-driven lifestile. A far cry from my usual walkabouts. That's just what I wanted this time. Fresh views. 

Luiza Bottino lives there with her husband Leonardo Conrado, just a block away from the beach and with a wide slice of blue water view. She is a lawyer who fell in love with design, left her job to go to design school and found herself nestled at 021 in a very short time. She favors clean lines, lots of light and lack of clutter. Her home has some excellent Brazilian contemporary design, and I will mention some examples. The two armchairs at the veranda ( by Pedro Mendes), the yellow table nearby (by Marcelo Ligieri), the two wooden armchairs at this table (by Paulo Alves). Inside the room, the dining table is by Studio Schuster, the white bench is by Flavio Borsato and Mauricio Lamosa, the two yellow side tables by Jader de Almeida. I spent a glorious morning there - thanks, Luiza. 
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All photos and content by Jorge Soares

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