Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bitter Sweet

This post is a little bitter sweet as this was one of the walks I would take Buddy on. He left us last Sunday to move on to a real trainer. I loved to take him to the enclosed dog park and then the little boat launch where he was scared but intrigued by the seaweed, carried around the empty mussel shells like a prize left by the seagulls especially for him, and overall complexed and confused by the water but again so curious about it. He was so adorable to watch as he obviously loved this spot. I loved that the little beast got me outside on walks.

The walk was around one of the enclosed dog parks and moved around the water inlet at 3rd street. A loop of contrasts modern and new and on land on the on one side and original, a bit hippie and on water on the other. I've always romanticized living on a houseboat like Anais Nin in Paris or like sweet  Pia Jane Pijkerk in Amsterdam but I'm not sure my imaginings would add up to reality (part of that is they are right by the sewer treatment plant and well... it stinks! I hope they are fixing that.) here in San Francisco But I love their originality and personality and I wish their were more. I'm pretty sure these are the only houseboats in San Francisco.

The antlers kill me.  And do you see the sweet bird in the second photo? 
 WA03 WA04  
I can't help but love the freeways as a little reminder of Los Angeles. 
One of the apartment buildings seems to have free, what are those things? canoes? Oh whatever, just unlock the gate take it to the boat launch and get in the water!
I thought that green was oh so perfect and I love the mural/tilework on the back side of the sewage treatment plant. (Now if they could only get rid of the smell) The flora in the area is incredible too and with the added benefit of restoring Mission Creek to it's original pristine beginnings. 

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