Friday, October 28, 2011

Eating Design?

I've become so enamored with Marije Vogelzang and her work ever since Sight Unseen ran this little interview with her. The funny thing was that I was already familiar with her work but because I saw a project here, and a project there, I really didn't really comprehend her oeuvre. Seeing them all together made little fireworks go off in that brain of mine. Her work expresses all the elements I'm so passionate about. Food, how people view it, eat it, share it, where they eat it, and with whom but all along a narrative while designing every element of the experience.

The photo above and below broke food in to color blocks and applied qualifiers according to those colors for a pop-up cafe. The purpose was to get you to think differently about the food you were eating. 
 MV02 MV03  
What's more fun than chocolate? Chocolate walls? Go ahead and lick them. Chocolate cups? Chocolate Mustaches? Chocolate Tattoos? Love! 
Marshmallows made with real rain. Iceberg marshmallows or global warming in your cup?
Sugar-spoon to stir your coffee? 
And this last one everyone at the table including the servers are enveloped in a white tablecloth at once equalizing everyone and connecting everyone. I find this particular dinner especially interesting. How would you act and eat if you were suddenly connected to your neighbor? Would you share more easily? Smile more easily? I've personally found sitting down at the table is very much an equalizer anyway. Marjie also provided scissors so that everyone could customize their opening so they didn't feel trapped in the design... so smart!

What do think of her work? Would you be interested in attending a food event that challenges your current thoughts on food and design? I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts!

Also while researching Marije Vogelzang and her work I came across First Person Magazine as they interviewd her for their upcoming issue Radical Foods. I haven't personally checked it out but I'm very intrigued. And if you are in the Bay Area please come to the dinner they have arranged. I'm going as are some friends of mine. 

 *all photos are via Marije Vogelzang


Hannah said...

Interesting work. It reminds me a little of Sophie Calle's installations with foods all of the same color.

I found your blog via my friend Celia's blog and am loving it! Looking forward to reading more...

a m o u r e t t e said...

This is so interesting.

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