Friday, September 2, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

So we've had Buddy now for a month and I would say out of that month 3 weeks were pretty difficult. The Mister was not handling it well. He still isn't but he's getting better at it. The thing is I do understand most of the Mister's complaints. Our house has been upended. For two designers having to remove all rugs, cover furniture with blankets and put in a BABY GATE is not easy. The Mister is also a bit of a neat freak so the hair everywhere is a little disconcerting. So you can see I do see his point of view.

I was doing fine with Buddy. He was a lot of work which was challenging but I was doing okay when he made a mistake and took a pee on the office floor or the bathroom floor or back on the office floor. Then I lost it. Yes, my patience snapped when he lifted his leg to pee on some design books one night and then a whole stack of Monocle magazines the next night. How  did I end up with a dog with no respect for books or design! I know, I know, he's a dog. I was taking him out every 2 hours on the regular so how did this little shit have to pee so much and why did he save it for my design tomes?! Not to mention losing my patience probably set us back training wise as he was not listening to me days afterward just making me more frustrated. 

But for the past week or so I think we have turned a corner as he seems to relieve himself outside. Thank God! And he's learning quickly. Hopefully soon we can go for walks without him pulling and accidents in the house are a long forgotten memory. There have been a couple hiccups such as he learned to shake his crate enough to rattle him self out of it (locks will be installed) but all he did was climb up to sleep on my side of the bed with all that freedom he had while we were gone. It could have been a chewed up shoe and garbage everywhere disaster. Oh and he's developed a fear of the mail slot and the mail that comes through it so running to the front door to alert me that someone is there is not working out so well. This by the way is one of the things he needs to learn to become a hearing dog. But mostly now he just makes me coo at how cute he is. He is the best snuggler and I'm tuning into his needs a little better. After a few quick panics as to "where is Buddy" I kept finding him under the Eames chair in between the legs and the wall. I put a towel down and he's made it his second little bed. Looks incredibly uncomfortable to me (and hopelessly cute) but he chose it.


Concrete Jungle said...

Hang in....he will be perfect in the end and you will be sad to send him off!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence:) I think we'll make it and I know I will surely miss him.

a m o u r e t t e said...

He's so cute! You are doing such a nice thing - good for you!

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