Friday, September 9, 2011

Ryan Ward

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I was talking with a friend about his botched framing job the other day. He had to return the piece I think at least three times and have them redo it. This of course brought me to a previous conclusion. I am always underwhelmed when I take a piece to be framed. I'm never impressed and nearly always shocked by the price tag. Not that the price probably doesn't add up to the labor involved but I never feel it justifies the job done. 

That is until I came across Ryan Ward of United Measures on the design files. Incredible! I've never seen framing this lovely. The choice of wood. The incredible stains. The detailed (and sometimes flourescent) joinery. No wonder he has a wait list! Too bad he lives so very far away in the land of Australia. I'll give you one guess as to which city.... uh huh that's right, Melbourne.

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