Tuesday, September 20, 2011

La Tulipe Noire

I realized lately that Buddy bears a resemblance to a few illustrated cuties like that little guy in the Mon Oncle poster. And Peperone of Caperino and Peperone fame below.  Which made me want to draw up a little illustrated version (when I ever find the time) of my little Tulipe Noire* (aka Buddy) So, perhaps you are wondering why I'm calling him the Black Tulip? Well, we think he might be possibly a Dutch Tulip Hound otherwise known as a Markiesje. The names supposedly stems from the Marquise de Pompadour (chief mistress to Louis the XV and the namesake of that famous hairdo) who supposedly never went anywhere without her little black pooch. 

A. Looks out the window hoping I'll let him out, Check.
B. Peering into the Monocle shop.... well if peeing on a stack of them counts, Check again. 
Buddy's new spot is under the Nelson Bench. I saw him lying there and started to shoot some photos. I then told him they really weren't cute enough could he turn up the cute quotient to which he did his best by stretching his sleepy self closer and lying on his back with his head on the legs of the bench and his bat ears out to full effect. This of course makes him such a good hearing dog candidate.
C. Sitting on the expensive furniture every chance he gets. Check 
D. If I let him out of the crate while driving. (Only on very short distances) He'll most certainly try to drive. Final Check. 

*The name La Tulipe Noire is what Julia and Paul Child Christened their new black sedan bought in the States and shipped to France.  

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Vivi said...

I love these pics. Mark and I were finally approved to foster a Labernese for a year. We'll be picking him or her up next week. I've never had a dog in my life, but Mark loves them. The pup is part of the MIRA foundation which trains dogs for people with visual or mobil disabilities and for children with autism. It's going to be hard giving him up, but I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. I am currently going around hiding "chokeable" items and precious books.
Any other recommendations?

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