Monday, September 19, 2011

Bhering Chocolate Factory: Guest Post Jorge Soares

It's been awhile since we've had a guest post from the ever talented Jorge Soares. And one that's close to my heart in that I do love to see a building have many many lives. There is also something a little bit creepy a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory about it's well worn exterior... 
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There is a new exciting neighborhood happening in Rio. The abandonned area surrounding the docks at the Port of Rio de Janeiro is being revamped into a mix of arts, work and residencial spaces. Empty warehouses are getting a new life, small buildings from the turn of the 19th C. to the 20th C. are being restored. It will take some time, but by the Olympic Games the place will already be the coolest in town. The old chocolate and candy Bhering factory is already booming. Inside the wide spaces made of german iron and around big pieces of left over machinery a diverse group of artists have made themselves comfortable. We are visiting now the studio shared by the art couple Denise Terra and Jorge Vasconcelos. Here Denise creates her pvc tubes sculptures, transforms old books using textiles, hardware and lots of etceteras. Jorge also has a photography studio next door, and here we can see some of his photographs next to his suspended bathtubs. It is a magical place, even their little kitchen is a jewell. Lots to see, and I'll be back.

all photos and content by Jorge Soares

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