Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ay yai yai yai, Ay yai yai

HM01 HM02 Forgive this little fashion interruption but I'm positively drooling over Heidi Merrick's Spring 2012 collection. And since it's our San Francisco Summer it makes perfect sense to want to acquire each and every piece right now! Not to mention that I have a little soft spot for Heidi's work since it was one of her dresses I chose to get married in. But really WOW, this season is positively vibrating and am I wrong to feel a little bit of that Isabel Marant sexy vibe thing going on here too? 

Of course her model Abigail Spencer is a boon and perfect ambassador for the brand. Does she look familiar to you.... think Hot Teacher and Mad Men. Does that jog your mind? Go Heidi GO!

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