Monday, September 12, 2011

Alex Palecko

I met Alex through a friend of a friend (as these things often go) who told me I had to meet him and see his work. It took us awhile but we finally made the connection last week. And can I tell you how great it is to come across another super talented guy who again is NICE with absolutely no ego. It really is so refreshing. Keen to see his works in person, they did not disappoint. Perhaps you've seen them already? If you've been to Fourbarrel on Valencia in San Francisco you have. The record shelf behind the counter, that's Alex. I asked Alex how they came to be or if there was a story behind them...

"With all of the projects I do at Fourbarrel the process begins with a need to resolve a spatial issue - in this case, too much vinyl.  The music played in the cafe is what sets the day's tempo and overall jest.  Jeremy Tooker, the owner of Fourbarrel Coffee, asked me to elevate this audial element to a visual and spatial one.  The design intent was to make a shrine-like monument where the density of vinyl is dramatized by setting back the mitered vg fir top and side from the cabinet grid."
AP02Alright the first photo admittedly is a gratuitous 'I heart those light fixtures' photo. They really couldn't be more perfect. And if you know me, you know I think everyone gets the lighting/light fixtures wrong. Alex informed me they were designed by Seth Quest.

A detail shot of the Fourbarrel Record Shelves. 

Fourbarrel Roastery shelving: How do they function?

"This 7 x 5 grid of cubbies organizes the outgoing wholesale orders for each day. it is an important step of the process linking the production of orders to the daily delivery. "

AP03 AP04 AP05  
The Fourbarrel Roasters Desk which I could easily see in nearly any entryway with all it's useful shelving cubbies. I would never lose my keys again. Okay, that's not true. But I would lose them less. 
I even got a little peek into his covetable workshop. Which had me wondering why I don't know more wood workers in the city. I know it's a bit difficult with space and rents but surely there is a larger community I don't know about. Right?
Alex graduated from CCA's architecture program and began apprenticing under "DK" Hodges, master builder.  He has been taking on small scale architectural design / build projects for two years now.

Thanks again Alex, it was such a pleasure to meet you. 

Alex Palecko's portfolio

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